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Winter 2019

Membership Dues

You will be invited to pay your 2019 Membership dues this month. Our 2019 year technically begins March 1st. Because APCAT paid us last month, we were covered for the start of our new year.

We had been waiting to get some news from the Ejido regarding garden waste bylaws but we haven't heard anything yet. We anticipate that there will be some upcoming restrictions about how we collect and dispose of it. We are putting together a garden waste pick up service available to you for a separate fee from your membership dues. However as a TL member, you will be given a reduced rate for this service.

Please expect our member renewal letter in the next few days.

The Feria

We sold almost all of the 5000 biodegradeable plates that we purchased for the fair. We subsidized the vendors’ costs by selling it to them for 50% of the actual cost. A generous anonymous donor donated the 50% balance. We also sold 1500 biodegradable straws at the full price.

Pato estimates that the fair used 70% less styrofoam than in previous years.

Unfortunately we were not able to implement a composting garbage system for the fair this year so the biodegradable plates were mixed in with the rest of the garbage. However, it will all breakdown at the dump and if burned will not create toxic dioxides as would styrofoam. It was a successful first step and we will be more prepared for the 2020 Feria.

We also built 20 garbage and recycling bins with the help of the tele-secundaria students for use at the feria which helped keep the grounds cleaner than ever. After the feria these bins will be used in town and at the school.

School Depot

Pato is almost finished the depot at the primary school. Our plan to integrate recycling as a way of life into the lives of the children is well on its way. Pato will begin inviting us to bring our recyclables to the school in groups of residents at a time. Stay tuned for your grouping.

Recycled Products

I was asked recently where all the recyclable goods are taken to and how are they being used. According to Pato, after they are sold in Troncones, they are transported to the depot in Zi. From there it is sold to larger Mexican markets and compressed into building materials like brick, wood panels and roof tiles.

Summary of 2018

Zero Waste Kermes

One of our biggest accomplishments in our 2018 season was to successfully host a zero waste kermes to raise funds for the Local Tele-Secondaria school. Troncones Limpia is very proud to say that our event raised over half the funds needed to build a water cistern at the school so that they will have water. The balance of the costs had already been raised by the parent teacher committee.

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