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Spring '22


The new 22/23 PL season began April 1st, and APCAT has increased our funding from 50 to 75% of our recycling budget. They are working hard to figure out how and where we’ll build our new recycling depot. Currently there are a couple of options on the table being discussed. I hope to have some good news to report soon. We hope to have a new depot by November.

Waste Treatment

The new APCAT board, from what I can tell, has really launched into action. They’ve taken the septic issue very seriously and are encouraging accountablity. New standards for waste treatment are being established.


Our chipper fund is growing. I’m carrying forward a portion of our unused funds from last year into the chipper fund. More research is underway as to what is needed and how a chipper operation could work. It has a lot of moving parts to consider. I’m hoping the vision will stay strong so we keep building momentum. Jim Gibson is currently exploring chipper program options. Contact him directly if you have any thoughts at

Art Club

We are planning the rebirth of our kids art program this summer. We have half of the budget for this to carry forward from last years funds since we weren’t able to run classes last year. Thank you for donating generously last year so we can make this happen again. As we all know, the kids are our future. If we support their dreams and creative visions for a beautiful environment, it can only help make those dreams come true for future generations. Our goal is to leave Troncones as beautiful as we found it. Let’s keep holding that vision and inspiring the children to hold it with us.

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