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Fall 2021

The fall months passed normally, there were no surprises or difficulties, the only new thing that happened is that we are reactivating the sale of mulch for the gardens and the new shirts of the clean beach program have already been printed, we also carried out a compost workshop and organic fumigants for gardeners ... Everything else related to plastic and glass recycling happened properly and normally.

We print the new model of Troncones & Majahua Playa Limpia. It is important to note that we only use a few hours of the budget for the manufacture of the shirts, the profit from the sale of the shirts will go to promote and help thechipper fund.

The recycling program is getting stronger, Don Felix continues to do a great job and people continue to participate.

The monthly glass recycling campaign has been very successful and people participate, we can see that these months of high tourism season, glass is consumed and accumulates more, so we are planning to take 2 monthly glass trips to Zihuatanejo in the high season.

During the workshop we also gave lessons on how to make a homemade organic compost. Playa Troncones and Majahua produce a lot of this waste and thanks to this workshops more and more people make compost at home.

During the course we prepare 2 natural fumigants for the organic control of insects and pests, this is very important, since local gardeners are still very used to using synthetic chemical pesticides, which can cause cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases.

Also we continue with art classes with the help of Jean Pascal from Mi Jardin. He wanted to do art & environmental activities in a piece of land he has next to the south end beach estuary to educate kids about mangrove conservation.

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