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Summer 21

Many thanks to our community for your ongoing support of our program. The funds many have contributed are helping us keep a culture of recycling, sustainability and environmental awareness alive in Troncones Majahua. Now it’s time to get and keep the word out so that our recycling services are used.

Recycling Education

Typically, after the high season there is less garbage and recyclables so we expect recycling needs to be reduced. However, the decrease is in part due to our workers stopping recycling after homeowners have left because we are no longer looking over their shoulder.

Whether or not you have or intend to contribute funds to our program, you can play a part by communicating with your staff and your property manager regarding your wish that they recycle instead of sending recyclables to the garbage dump where they are burned and create toxic waste.

I’ve attached a flyer below which you can send digitally to your staff. We're also having hard copies printed. Ideally they should be posted in your caretakers work area to encourage recycling.

Please share these with your staff, including your property manager if you have one.

Our program is running because of the funding we have received. Now our job is to make sure the program is being used as much and as efficiently as possible. You can help by making sure your staff knows it’s important to you and you expect it of them. Of course, it would be best if they understood and agreed with the concept of recycling. But sometimes the first step is creating a habit, and that’s what we are asking that you encourage.


Mike Bensal at Inn at Manzanillo Bay has stepped into action by purchasing a chipper for private use and doing the necessary ground work to establish its potential in our environment as far its usefulness for breaking down waste and the costs involved. We’re super grateful to Mike for moving forward with these important steps and await his conclusions so we can make clear choices regarding a community chipper.

Happy fathers day and summer solstice!



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