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Winter '19/20

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Restaurant Participation

Pato is working with the Ejido to develop a food scraps pick up service for hotels and restaurants that will be paid for by those who participate.

Garbage Pickup

La Union has agreed to increase garbage pick up (not sure when this will begin, stay tuned),but the long term plan is to begin a separate kitchen scrap pick up program which will alleviate the need for extra garbage pick up, see Burning below.


Roberto of Roberto’s Bistro has agreed to use his garden, the largest edible garden in Troncones, for educational use by the schools and to donate 20% of it’s produce to the schools for their lunches in exchange for our continued help in developing the garden. It will also be used as a garden for tourists to visit and see the efforts we are making to grow organic and become more locally sustainable.

The parent teacher committee at the Secundario has requested Patos ongoing assistance to improve the school and its facilities so that the educational environment is a more positive one and so that the student body will grow. It’s growth is essential in order for the municipality to send more teachers. This children are the future of Troncones and will carry Troncones Limpia programs into the future so this is an important priority for us.

Pato and the kids at the secundario completed the signs requested by APCAT to be posted around town to send our message that we care about keeping our home green, clean and sustainable.


As an effort towards less burning, the kitchen scrap pick up program may alleviate the need for more frequent garbage pick up service. We’ll keep you posted on how this evolves. See Garbage pick up above.

Pato has also been invited to assist the Ejido in educating the locals to stop burning. As of 2 months ago, after many conversations between Pato and the Ejido, the Ejido passed a bylaw to ban burning of garbage. Yay!!! So now it’s about education and spreading the word.


Starting Semana Santa, Don Felix will take over half of Pato’s paid hours and be in charge of recycling pick up and bin and site maintenance. 

Patos hours will be divided between the Secundario, work with Roberto’s garden, work with the Ejido to educate and stop burning, and develop the kitchen scrap pick up program and a community compost. 

Pato informed me that about 30 of our gardeners are Ejido members so they are on board with whatever the Ejido decides. 

Chipper Fund

So far we’ve raised about $400usd for our chipper fund from the sale of coloring books, T-shirts, sponges and mulch.

Our Combi driver, Burnabay, has made his lot available for garden scrap collection so that we have started collecting the waste that will be used for our community mulch program once we have a chipper.

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