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The Little Pueblita That Could!

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

We're off to a busy start to a busy season. We've got exciting plans to make some important progress on the environmental front.

Save the Dates

Feb 11- TL Members Thank You Cocktail Party and guest speaker Katherina Audley of Whales of Guerrero

Jan 19- TL Eco Kermes for the Tele-Secundaria

Hermanas Kermes

We contributed about $8300mxn from our sale of paintings produced at our environmental arts camp this summer, our healthy food table, and our plate and fork rental table. Thank you to Lucia for running the food table, Debi, Leela and Mary for prepping the food, and a bunch of other helpful people who volunteered and made it all possible.

We also encouraged attendees to bring their own reusable dishes. It was a great start to what we hope will become a habitual way of attending local events. See the Eco Kermes below for our next effort in this area.

Recycling Collective

A local group of restaurants and lodgings have agreed to create their own collective to transfer their recyclables to the central depot. Pato anticipates that eventually there will be more collectives of this type which will reduce the TL budgetary needs and allow us to focus on other projects.

We'll call this first collective the Playa Pacifico Group and so far they are made up of:

Cafe Pacifico

Las Villas

Present Moment Retreat

Las Rocas


Tres Mujeres

New Recycling Depot

The central depot will be moved to the Primary school by January.

Tienda Pilot Program

Pato plans to approach a group of stores and restaurants on the main road to begin a pilot program to experiment with various green practices. i.e discontinue use of plastic bags, plastic straws, water in plastic bottles, use of biodegradeable take out containers, etc.

Healthy Waste Management Workshops

Pato will begin offering workshops based on the necessity for healthy waste management. We've identified 9 groups, each with specific needs in this area. He'll do a workshop for each group covering both general and specific practices. Here are the groups:

Property Managers and workers


Primary School

Tele- Secondary School

School Bus Kids and families


Progressa- Govt assistance women's group




Pato will deliver the workshop to the Ejido and the Primary school in December. The rest of the group workshops will be held in January.

This brochure will provide follow up guidance and explanation after the workshop for each participant.

Eco Kermes

We will hold a zero waste, healthy food Kermes Jan 12th to raise funds for the Tele-Secundaria. If you'd like to help out please let me know. This will be a precursor to practices we'd like to see implemented/included at the Feria. Entertainment, mural painting, used goods sale, kids games are some of the ideas we are hoping to include.

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