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Spring 21

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Despite ups and downs, steps forward and some steps back, we see an overall increase in local awareness and see Troncones and Majahua maturing in our approach to a clean green and sustainable community.

Please see below a mission statement recently developed by meetings between Pato, myself and the outreach committee at Punta Majahua. This small group of local residents are passionate about our joined community growing in a healthy and conscious way. They’ve breathed new life into our organization and for that we are very grateful! They even claim that their decisions to purchase homes here was significantly influenced by Playa Limpia’s work in the community and its evidence in cleaner roads and beaches, signs and bins.

We’ve changed our name! Troncones Limpia was formally established in 2016 and we feel it's important to include Majahua in our title so we are now Playa Limpia Troncones Majahua.


With our school depot less accessible, we are making plans to create a new central depot at the fairgrounds, and a North beach depot offered by Mike Benzal on his land outside Inn at Manzanillo Bay. There’s a possibility we’ll maintain the school depot for the students and their families to continue educating about the benefits and encouraging the habit of recycling.

We have arranged with Zihua depot to pick up our glass. For 2 days at the end of each month we will receive glass at the fairgrounds. Please bring your glass to us there. Please leave a donation of at least 25p/load to help with transport costs.


We are resuming research and exploring possibilities. Thank you Bob Celecia for your fundraising efforts toward our chipper program and to Mike Benzal for your interest in moving forward and contributing to this program.

New Team Member

We’ve invited Junuen Oviedo to be a part of our operations. You may know her for her wonderful service in our community through dog rescue, battery recycling, starter plants, English and Spanish classes and fund raising efforts. We are blessed to have her big heart, positive energy, initiative and imagination on our team. She’s passionate about growing food so she’ll be getting the garden beds at the primary school growing again, and experimenting with methods that require less water. She’ll also be continuing her efforts to encourage awareness about and participation in the recycling programs. She will lead educational programs for the children as well. Yunyuen initiated a program to give a plant to each family who gave her 10 used batteries to recycle instead of putting them in the garbage. She has developped relationships with families in the pueblitas by inviting instead of insisting on participation, and offering incentives. We’re excited to continue with her wise and creative approach. Welcome Yunuen!

New Budget

Our new budget was presented to the APCAT board on the 27th. Our funding was increased and we have refined our expenses to stretch our pesos.


Our hope is to begin education programs again soon. Environmental art for the children, Natural Gardening and composting for our Gardeners, and Sustainability Practices for everyone. All classes will be delivered in english and spanish for locals, expats and visitors.

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