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Summer 2018 News

Updated: Jul 19, 2018

Thank you to our amazing team on the beach who are keeping Troncones green, clean and sustainable this summer. Pato, Lucia and others who are getting involved because they know the value for our community.

John Davidson has submitted the application for Pato’s nomination for the CNN Hero award.  We feel we have a lot to brag about with Pato as our inspiration leading the way for a healthier Troncones. Thank you John!

Our Arts and Culture camp is thriving. There are 15-20 kids attending. The parents and children requested English so now along with art projects, gardening and learning about the environment, the children are being exposed to new words and expressions each week.

Lucia is bringing to life her education and passion for teaching children holistically and creatively.

Orbes and Brisas in Majahua are both planting gardens, composting and sprouting.

The new recycling depot in Nuevo Troncones is completed within a fenced-in area to keep it tidy and secure.

There is a local family producing compost and ready to sell it.

The new garbage cans, painted by the kids, are being installed/anchored in place and hopefully will help to keep the recycling bins cleaner.

The local football team, coached by Pedro Palacio, have been helping to collect garbage and recycling from the road and the beach.

Lucia led a healthy eating and sprouting workshop at the clinic for the women. The attendance and interest was very encouraging!

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