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Recycling and Depot News

Disadvantages of the school recycling deposit

The deposit is difficult to access for people who want to put their recycling, especially when they want to put lots of glass or when they want to unload their items in a truck or car, it is also very difficult to access for the truck that collects the materials every 2 or 3 months.

We also have complaints about the storage of plastic, neighbors mention that it looks bad, plus they fear that the dengue mosquito reproduces there, for many the school depo is not seen as part of a community cleaning and recycling system, due to ignorance, some influential people affirms that recycling is a waste of time and energy, most of the locals have the idea that recycling is an eccentricity from the expats community, another part of the community thinks that the only reason we recycle is because we sell materials and make money, those who believe this do not want to collaborate, since they think that someone is getting rich with their town trash without give back a thing.

As a good news there is a important part of the community that is recycling more and more and they are stoked, so we need a bigger area to store the materials.

The main reason why the locals do not consider the recycling project as something for the community benefit, is because the project is not endorsed and is not promoted by the Ejido, the Ejido is the closest thing to a local authority, if the Ejido support and help the project, people will know that recycling is something to improve the town well-being and almost mandatory ...


We are asking the Ejido authorities to lend us a piece of land in the area of the feria, to install a new bigger recycling deposit, we are also asking the Ejido to help us to develop and run the recycling program as an activity for the benefit of the entire community and as something important and almost mandatory, the new deposit being easily accessible will be very useful for people to collect recyclables in their homes, and then take the materials to the deposit themselves, this could help us reduce costs program operation. Once every 2 months the recycling guys from Zihua could come to emptied the depo for a small fee, we will just have to spend money to pay a worker for the maintenance to keep the depo clean and neat.

Due to the coronavirus crisis, this year and the next, little tourism is forecast, this forces us to look for more efficient and cheaper ways to continue maintaining the recycling program. I firmly believe that if the entire community of native locals participates and helps, the costs of the program can be greatly reduced.

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