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Guest Best Practices

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Please send the document below to each of your guests in preparation for their stay in Troncones. There is both an english and spanish version. It’s sad to see renters arrive with plastic shopping bags fresh from Mega, plastic water bottles when they could be filling up their reusable water bottles from your garafon, and walking down the road with styrofoam take out containers when using their own reusable containers is so super easy with a little advanced planning. Please encourage your renters and visitors to consider how they can be a part of keeping Troncones beautiful!

See also below a pic of a little guest kit put together by one of our members, LeAnne Ryweck of Casa Sol Y Luna. Thank you LeAnne for being so proactive and making a difference.

LeAnne's Troncones Limpia Guest Preparedness kit

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