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2019 Report

Troncones Limpia 2019 Report and 2020 Projections

In 2019 our membership increased by 35% from 2018.

90% of our garbage is actually resource and is made up of:

Plastic- Can be sold Glass- Building material Metal- Can be soldCarboard- Compost & mulch Food Waste- compost for decreased chemical fertilizer Garden Waste- mulch for decreased water waste & chemical fertilizerTroncones Limpia’s job is to educate our community to turn our trash into local resources. This will also help to decrease burning that causes smoke inhalation which is toxic and disease causing. It will also decrease the need for more garbage pickup and decrease the spill off from the garbage truck which smells and is a turn off to residents and visitors.As Troncones grows, all the above becomes more important and if left unattended, will likely become more difficult, possibly even causing irreparable damage to our beautiful natural environment.Education2019 70 Environmental Art W/shops in local schools 8 Restaurant w/shops- packaging & health 12 Gardener & farmer w/shops 5 Healthy Food w/shops for women 4 Recycling w/shops for La Union Municipality 6 Ejido Lectures on Recycling, Non-Burning & support to improve monthly clean ups.

Recycling 2019 22 plastic recycling bins 12 Multiple Recycling bins School Recycling Depot structure Consulted with Punta Majahua for their recycling system 6 Community clean up campaign Recycling, waste reduction and implementing biodegradeables for the Troncones Yearly Feria

Composting 2019 16 houses are making compost 3 community compost depots- Café Sol, Robertos, Marias store Compost production biz- Luciano Helping Ejido to create a compost and mulch facility and a business plan to create companyto sell the finished products made from food scraps and garden waste. Raised $400 from sales of T-shirts, sponges, coloring books and mulch toward purchase of a chipper to make our own mulch

2020 Buy a chipper- decrease burning of garden waste, increase mulch for less water waste, produce income for TL, facilitate organic tree farm Continue to raise funds for our chipper, buy a chipper Produce our own mulch for local use and local income to cover more of our budget Local restaurant kitchen waste pick up Spread the news that burning is banned, provide education and implement this new bylaw passed by the Ejido.

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